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Theriot, LA 70359

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Theriot, LA 70359
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    Dularge is located 15 miles south of Houma in Theriot, La. In my opinion, it's the best recreational outlet to the Gulf. It starts in spring with freshwater fishing Bass, Perch and Sacalait. Then starting in April the Speckled Trout transition to the Islands for spawning, FUN. When the heat gets unbearable, Lake Decade becomes our family destination. Anchor on the sandy bottom at Cajun Bahamas then enjoy swimming and skiing. Fall is Redfish time. Shrimp on the bottom will fill your ice chest. Trout transition inland during the winter months which makes Lake Decade one of the finest winter holes in the South. Oh, don't forget hunting rabbit, duck and deer. Crabbing is also a family favorite. It's Heaven in the South.
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